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Hand embroidery
In the early 1990s, Vietnam hand embroidery reached the top of embroidery art. In our workshop, we retain the traditional characteristics to embroider beautiful pictures which contribute to make the rich culture of Hoi An. Our embroidery items make precious gifts for Vietnamese people and a meaningful souvenir for international visitors on their occasion of visiting Vietnam.

With a skillful hand, the embroiderer puts their heart and soul into each stitch to make the lifelike pictures so visitors will get a real feeling of emotion when they look at our pictures.

Its theme about the normal life is unique to Hoi An and the beautiful landscapes of Viet Nam.

Silkworm breeding
Visiting 41 Le Loi Silk, you will be surprised and delighted to see the whole process of getting fabric from breeding silkworm to the weaving silk.




Silk weaving

In the olden days the Vietnamese used the hand-weaving loom to weave material with a narrow width resulting in beautiful clothes.
Nowadays we use the machine loom operated by an electric motor which is much faster and more convenient.




Sleeping mat making

Sleeping mat making is a traditional handicraft in Hoi An which is still maintained because the mat is very important to Vietnamese people with its characteristics.



Tailor fashion
Another indispensable production activity at 41 Le Loi Silk is our fashion tailoring to serve all of our customers’ needs by 3 alternate working shifts daily.

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